1. P A M P A S _ F I E L D

    Date 13 Mar 2018
    Photographer // Sarah Tonkin Flowers // Rose and Bud Models // Bella Benjamin & Jordy stuart MUA // The Pretty Parlour  Garments // Yours truly Maevana I stumbled across this field years ago, and have been back many times since it’s discovery at various season. With each visit the soil and…

  2. S H A N N O N & A N D Y

    Date 26 Feb 2018
    ✨ Shannon and Andy’s winter wedding, featuring their beautiful pooch Pepper ✨ Videographer // The Auburn Hour Gown // Maevana Bridal  Shannon opted for a relaxed beaded wrap top, with a pencil flair skirt and train. We were able to sneak in a sheer silk Habutai Watteau, with matching detachable overskirt. 💭Major Watteau dreams…

  3. T E X T U R E & F O R M

    Date 10 Mar 2017
    I have always been a tactile person, even as a young child always preferring to use my hand to paint instead of brushes. I have this memory of cleaning up at the end of an art class in primary school and seeing a great big splurge of mixed paint sitting…

  4. B L U S H & B E R R Y

    Date 10 Jan 2017
    Photography // Sarah Tonkin MUA // The Pretty Parlour Model // Jordy Stuart Flowers // Ivy Dress // yours truly Maevana

  5. P A L E T T E _ F O R E P L A Y

    Date 14 Sep 2016
    I have always loved the medium of paint, having been gifted with horrible handwriting art has always been a subject i never excelled in in my youth However i am finding new horizons of paint fulfilment in unique and self indulgent ways. Thus began my late night colour palette foreplay. You would be surprised…

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