P A M P A S _ F I E L D

Photographer // Sarah Tonkin

Flowers // Rose and Bud

Models // Bella Benjamin & Jordy stuart

MUA // The Pretty Parlour 

Garments // Yours truly Maevana

I stumbled across this field years ago, and
have been back many times since it’s discovery at various season. With each
visit the soil and surrounding greenery would morph and adapt, the slate
soil cracks and rips apart during the summer months creating a baron parched horizon.
Come winter and the rolling cloud cover, you see a mesmerizing change, the soil
is chocked out by a creeping white mould like ground cover, like the clouds,
spread out to cover the pitch surface.

all of this, are great towers of mature wild pampers grass, fields and
fields of them. Anyone who is partial to pampas grass and is familiar with
the size of the mature plant, knows what a sight this is to behold (not to
mention the fact that snakes like to nest in pampas, like allot)

To reach
this field, you have to battle through a 2 story high bamboo forest, not a time
for anyone to be saying things like “this reminds me of the ending to ‘Under
Your Skin’…”

All in all, an obviously amazing landscape
to shoot in… Bella and Jordy, you are absolute troopers for trekking, laying,
walking and wading here, for myself, Sarah and Kara. 

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